Mayor Porter

Mayor Porter

Welcome to the South Ogden City Business Licensing Center. We're excited that you've chosen South Ogden City as a place you would like to do business. We're eager to see you succeed and look forward to serving you.

Mayor Porter

Frequently Asked Business Licensing Questions

Q: How do I apply for a business license?
A: Click the 'New Business Application' button below.  Then select the appropriate business license type, complete the application and make payment. You will need to have you state registered name and entity # handy.
Q: How long does it take to get a business license?
A: This depends on whether or not your particular license requires additional details or a more thorough review. Assuming the correct application has ben completed properly and payment has been made, you may receive your license within as little as 24 hours.  If your application requires additional review by the city, it may take longer.  If it looks as though the review of your application may take longer than 48 hours, we will contact you and keep you updated on the process.   Additionally, choosing to make payment online using the city's Xpress payment system will also speed things up (rather than sending a check by mail).  You can pay online by credit or debit card as well as by check(entering your account and routing number).
Q: How much does a business license cost at South Ogden City?

A: After clicking on the 'New Business Application' button below, you will see the various business license types and their respective annual fees.  

Q: How do I RENEW my business license?

A: Your renewal notice (whether via email or letter) included a username and password unique to your business.  With those in hand, click on the 'Renew Your Business License' button below, then make payment when prompted.  Once payment has been made (you will receive immediate confirmation of successful payment), you will receive your license within the hour via email or within 2 days if you do not have an email in the BizMuni system.

Q: How can I edit my public South Ogden City business directory listing?

A: Every licensed business has a username and password that allows them to log in to their account and make changes to the editable portions of your business identity (email, phone, website, social media links, marketing blurb etc).  Your renewal notice will provide you with your un and pw.  That said, you can contact us at anytime to receive or reset your un and pw. 

Q: Do I need an entity #?

A: All entities doing business in Utah under an assumed business name must register with the State of Utah, Department of Commerce. If you are using your own name as your business name it will not need to be registered. A filing fee is charged based upon the type of organization. The Department of Commerce is located at:

State of Utah Department of Commerce 
160 East 300 South 
Salt Lake City, 84111
Phone: 801-530-4849 Toll free (in state only): 800-721-7233 

If you are using your personal name as the name of the business, you do not need to register the name, because you own it. However, if you choose a different name for your business, registering it ensures that you own the name and no one else can use it - and this is required for South Ogden businesses.  The website to register your business name is:


Q: Do I need a business license for a home based business?

A: South Ogden does not require home based business licenses. However, if you need a license, we will grant you one. Of course, whether or not you have a license, you still need to abide by our home occupation license ordinance.

Q: Should I set my business up as a sole proprietor or an LLC?

A: You will need to speak with an attorney or CPA to determine what type of business you should file as.

NOTICE TO HOME-BASED BUSINESSES (Meaning anyone running ANY kind of business out of your home excluding Day Care/Pre-School): The city of South Ogden does not require that you have a business license. BUT, if you are running a business from your home and still want a license YOU MUST APPLY FOR THE "HOME OCCUPATION" TYPE OF LICENSE.

(You will need your username and password.)